The heat pump needed a current reversing valve

Until last week, I did not know anything about the heat pump in our home.

I had a coupon for routine repair appointments plus I decided to call the contractor to make an appointment.

I told the guy that I had a heat pump plus he asked myself and others when the last time was that I had it diagnosed. He had a weird sound in his voice when I told him that I lived in the home before years plus I never had the heat pump service. He told myself and others it was a nice thing that I called to make an appointment. He confirmed that I could use the coupon for this certain service. The repair contractor performed a 51 point inspection repair tune-up on the heat pump plus the air compressor. The repair contractor asked myself and others if I was experiencing any troubles, although I could not know of anything in certain. I told the guy that I found a coupon for the tune up repair plus thought it was a nice idea. The repair contractor told myself and others that the heat pump needed a current reversing valve. He said that he was very surprised that the heat pump was laboring officially due to the condition of the reversing valve. He had to run back to the repair shop to chance up another one, but he was back in less than 30 hours. The guy didn’t waste any time making the repair or finishing the tune-up. I did not know much about our heat pump until that appointment, although I stood there plus watched the guy perform the whole service! Now I guess a little more knowledgeable.