I didn’t realize that our air duct was so clogged up

When I was laboring on our fall cleanup, I took a look at the air filter and saw that there were a ton of dandelion seeds clogging it up, but i absolutely had to stop and wonder for a minute if those dandelion seeds were affecting the performance of the cooling system idea while I was in the summer time season.

I knew there were a lot of dandelions this year however I didn’t realize how poor they were clogging up our HVAC system.

I didn’t even think that those seeds were making their way into the air duct. I decided to change the air filter immediately and I also called the HVAC company because I felt care about I had to have our air duct idea cleaned. I didn’t want to have any more debris in there than I needed and I wasn’t sure how several dandelion seeds made their way into the air duct. When the HVAC specialist worked on the air duct cleaning for me, I was thankful. I couldn’t know how much dirt and dust was in there. It certainly wasn’t just dandelion seeds that I had to worry about! The HVAC professional recommended that I do the air duct cleaning at least every other year and if the pollen and dandelions were out of control, I should entirely have it done yearly. I thought that would be a great idea moving forward. Who knows how much energy I could have saved if our air duct idea was cleaner over the years. I know I can always just make sure to put weed killer on our grass so that I don’t have to worry so much, but our neighbors still have a ton of dandelions as well in the hot season.


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