The company picnic was a disaster

I didn’t want to go to the company picnic this year, but my hubby insisted it was a wonderful opportunity to talk to the executives about a promotion.

My hubby thinks that his boss doesn’t want to provide him a promotion because he is gay and I guess there is some truth there.

My hubby has been working for the large Heating, Ventilation and A/C service company for many years, then during that time, he has been passed up for a promotion many or more than six times. The boss always comes up with a reason not to promote my guy, however he depends on Bobby for everything else! Bobby works twice as taxing as any other Heating, Ventilation and A/C service serviceman and he brings in more sales than any other serviceman in the store. It’s totally true, because last quarter Bobby won a new set of wrenches for being the Heating, Ventilation and A/C repairman with the most add on sales. I thought the company picnic would be a wonderful time to talk to the sizable bosses about a transfer forward, however well, I was totally wrong. The two of us went to the picnic and it was a big disaster. Bobby’s boss outed him in front of the vice president and then proceeded to explain why gay sex is an abomination. The executive stood there the whole time shaking his head up and down. He never stopped the guy or disagreed. It’s entirely clear that Bobby works for a whole company of bigots. He cannot go back there and pretend the weekend event did not occur. I wish I hadn’t recommended going to the picnic in the first locale.

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