Playhouse in Backyard Includes Running Water and Air Conditioning

Two years ago, my first grandbaby came into the world, and a few months ago, her baby brother joined her. To say the least, this is an exciting time in the life of a mom and grandmother. I never thought I would be one of those grandmothers that spoils her grandkids rotten, but alas, I have turned into that! One of those plastic pretend playhouses is not good enough for my two! I made a trip to this place that sells wooden sheds. They have sheds that are just a square that look like sheds, but they also have dozens of wooden sheds that are amazing and look like little houses. Of course, they have amazing price tags to go along with them. Anyway, I picked one out, and I am getting it delivered next week. It looks like a miniature version of my house. It has blue siding and white shutters, just like my house. It won’t be a shed, but a playhouse. I have called up the trade school near me and asked if they have a plumbing student and an HVAC student that would like to practice on my playhouse. Sure enough, the HVAC teacher provided me two names and the plumbing teacher did too. The students came now the little shed has air conditioning and a bathroom. The a/c is a simple mini-split a/c unit, but it is wonderful. The HVAC guy mounted the a/c unit above the door, and I hired an electrician to come in and run wiring, too. My grandkids are going to be the only ones who have their own house with a/c at two years old!
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