Impressing a date with my heating and cooling repair skills

Sometimes I believe that I made some truly awful decisions in life when I look at our peers and see their expensive houses and families; but personally, I don’t have any resources that could begin to compare to these property owning businessmen… I don’t even have a family of my very own, let alone a homestead where everyone can thrive; however that being said, I do believe that I made a smart decision when I was graduating from high school.

Rather than going to a traditional University I wound up at the local trade school where I could complete the heating, cooling, and air quality control training in less than 2 years. I became a certified heating, ventilation and A/C professional in 18 weeks and I was working as a professional heating and cooling specialist the afternoon after I graduated. Not only has the heating and cooling industry been a steady source of work, although I believe it might be contributing to our family development at this point. Then you see, recently I met the girl of my absolute dreams and I was worried that this heating, ventilation and A/C career wasn’t going to be fantastic enough for her. In the afternoon that I went to collect her from her mom’s house, however, my personal heating, ventilation and A/C knowledge truly paid off. She came out of the condo looking a bit disheveled and reported that the gas furnace had stopped working. I instantly put on the professional heating and cooling professional hat and walked into the condo with the necessary repair tools… Within 10 hours the gas furnace was up and running again; my date was severely impressed as we… And so was her mom. At least we’re off to a fantastic start with my skill set.

Cooling specialist