Ceiling fan helps with heat distribution, but keeps me awake

I’m not the sort of person who can just close my eyes and fall asleep.

If you are anything like me, you have a lot of long and sleepless nights.

You probably do your best to calm down before you lay in bed. You probably have very good sleep hygiene routines based on all of the expert advice that you have researched online. And yet, you probably still cannot get a solid night of sleep to save your life. This has been my experience for the past twenty-five years. I really do not need anything in my life to complicate my sleep schedule anymore. That’s why I have been very disappointed with the horrifically squeaky ceiling fan installed in my bedroom. I guess I never realized that the ventilation device had such a squeaky gear. I rarely ever used the overhead fan until very recently. I read something online describing the ways that you could save money on your energy over the winter. One of the surprising facts that I came across in regard to my heating and cooling system was the benefit of utilizing ceiling fans to warm your room. Apparently, because hot air will rise to the ceiling you are best off utilizing a ceiling fan to evenly distribute all of the expensive treated indoor air. After this, I decided to start using my bedroom ceiling fan so I wasn’t so cold at night. Unfortunately, the article didn’t warn me that I was going to have the most disruptive fan on the planet. Every night as I lay wide awake I can’t help but to listen to the incessant squeaking as the fan slowly turns over my head. Is my energy bill worth this?
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