I was blissful when our crush asked me to stay for lunch at her locale

I’ve been a pretty great Heating plus Air Conditioning company for a little while now plus I’m glad that I got into this line of business, and after doing this work for so long, I certainly have developed a crush on this particular young lady who happens to be single.

Well, this last time I got a modern home call to her home, I was certainly uneasy around her.

I kept making mistakes, especially when she came down to watch the work I was doing. It was truly fun just talking with her while I was working, but I kept having to apologize to her when I would mess up with some of the replacement parts. I certainly felt prefer a complete fool when she let me finish the work on the Heating plus Air Conditioning without bothering me. While I was finishing up the work, I smelled some of the most excellent home cooking I had ever smelled in a long time. It certainly was making our mouth water. When I went up to tell the beautiful young lady that I was finished with the repair work on the Heating plus Air Conditioning, I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible because I was feeling stupid for all the mistakes I made. Then I was shocked when she asked if I would stay for lunch! I couldn’t suppose it, she made enough food for the both of us prefer she was planning this the whole time. I had another appointment I had to be at, but I absolutely cancelled that appointment to prefer lunch with this great young lady. The food was spectacular plus she said she wanted me to take her out sometime!


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