It matters who you know, always be kind to strangers

Periodically I find myself acting care about a bit of a jerk & I am not proud of my actions… No matter what I do in life, I want to be kind & considerate to other humans; I never want anybody to recognize care about I am speaking down to them or treating them care about a lesser human.

This is why I go so far out of my way to be kind to strangers… You never guess when you are accidentally going to influence someone’s morning for better or for worse.

Maybe the favor will be returned. Recently, I was walking down the street when I found a stray dog. I managed to capture the beast & brought it back to the address on his collar, but when the owner saw his pup he was overwhelmed with joy & thanked myself and others profusely, however only a few weeks later my fine deed paid off when I found myself in an emergency situation. My central heating, cooling, & air quality control idea stopped working 1 morning in the middle of a blizzard. I knew that I could not possibly use enough space furnace to keep the current home warm, even with every piece of heating device running I was bitterly freezing thanks to the horrible outdoor air quality. Eventually I called the local heating, cooling, & air quality control dealership to ask for help. When they told myself and others how much an emergency maintenance fee would be I nearly cried; But I had no choice. You can imagine my surprise when the heating, cooling, & air quality control specialist arrived at my current home & I recognized him as the owner of the lost dog. Of course, after he realized who I was, the Heating plus A/C specialist was truly ecstatic to help with my central heating & cooling equipment, and after all his work in the middle of a blizzard, he did not even charge myself and others for the Heating plus A/C repair.



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