The boiler rental made it so we could upgrade our old boiler

It was time to make changes to the commercial boiler that has been in our warehouse, even though I wasn’t looking forward to the replacement procedure.

The commercial boiler company told myself and others that it would take approximately 3 days to install all of the current boiler components.

I was going to shut down the warehouse for those 3 days, until I discovered a boiler rental company close to home. I reached out to the boiler rental company & discussed my available options with a sales specialist. I found the sales specialist to be surprisingly knowledgeable & helpful, & they hooked me up with the right product to operate the warehouse during the 3 days when our boiler would not be operable. I rented a compact boiler that was large enough to run the whole warehouse. I found the compact boiler rental fees a little high, so it would not be a viable long-term option. During the 3 days when the current commercial boiler was installed in our warehouse, renting the compact boiler was the perfect solution. I had 2 components delivered & installed the day before the boiler replacement got started. The company took those 3 days to install all of the current boiler components & the rental company picked up our items merely a few hours after the appliance replacement was finished. During the 3 days it took to install the current boiler, our company could have been shut down completely. The compact boiler was the finest way to transition from one piece of heating appliance to the other. I would call that company again if I need any other commercial or industrial appliance rentals.


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