Short term housing comes with the job

My work is my passion. That must be why I am able to put up with being on the move so often. I have to be at different locales quite often and that isn’t exactly a great recipe for planting roots somewhere. I just can’t get very attached to any town because I know that I will be on the move again very soon. That’s why short term rentals provide me some sort of base for when I’m not working. At first, I gave the corporate housing situation a try. But, it just didn’t work out because it didn’t really fit my style and I felt like I was still at work whenever I was there. Then I attempted to find apartments near me in the area I would be working. That again was a problem as I didn’t have stuff to put into an apartment. Finding short term rentals with fully furnished apartments ended up being just the thing. It allowed me the best of all worlds. I might be on a project for 4 or 5 months. Once that time was up, I didn’t have to worry about breaking a lease. But even better, I didn’t have to deal with a big move to get to my next assignment. This is a huge relief for a person in my situation. A furnished apartment give me the feeling of having a home even when it is on a very temporary basis. Without short term rentals, I would simply be living out of a suitcase in a hotel all the time.
short term home rentals