Running stairs is my favorite

In college one of my favorite things to do was go for a run and jog all the stairs I see.

My campus was huge and there were tons of stairs to pick from. Sometimes I would get into dorms and sprint up the many flights of stairs. Getting into a lecture hall or to the library required many stairs as well. Running stairs is just great for the body. My butt, calves and thighs looked so good. After I graduated school I simply wasn’t around stairs anymore. My rental home is one story. I run through town and nothing has another level. I recently found that there is a fitness center near me that has equipment that simulates stairs. One equipment is like a rotating ladder that I can use both hands and feet. Another equipment piece is like you are marching up and down. It is not the same as running physical stairs, but it is pretty close. I have also discovered other fitness gear that I like. I make it a point to do the rowing machine while at the gym. I also like using an elliptical, stationary bike and will even do a quick run on the treadmill. Someday I am going to own a multiple story home and run real stairs again. Or I should live near a college campus and utilize their stairs. I am making do with what I have, but it isn’t the ideal setting. Perhaps there are other women who have the same weird passion and we can form our own group fitness class.

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