Not fun running in the wild

Anytime I want to hydrate during my run, it is at my fingertips

I am a strict treadmill runner. I like to go before work to my local gym, hop on a treadmill and just straight run. I can sprint on a treadmill for about an hour without a break. I run typically around eight minute miles. I feel running is an excellent cardio workout. I also can just crank my music and just not worry about anything. It is a fairly straightforward way to work out. Since I felt so accomplished on the treadmill, I figured that made me an awesome runner. I have quickly realized that running on a treadmill and running outside are two very different things. When I visited my parents up north, they had no fitness gear or gym. I had to run outside for my workouts. Running outside was horrendous. First, there is no form of climate control. I didn’t realize how much AC plays a factor when running. I never got overly sweaty, fatigued or had my legs swell. Running outside meant I had sweat pouring down my face, into my eyes and I developed a disturbing rash on my inner thighs. Another con is that the ground is uneven. I kept rolling my ankles in potholes, running on slanted roads and going uphill was horrendous. The worst was probably no water. Anytime I want to hydrate during my run, it is at my fingertips. There is also a bathroom right around a corner. Going for a multiple mile run with no water is horrible. Also, if I have to pee, I am just stuck holding it.

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