I liked the group fitness class

I went on a girls trip recently and one of the activities we did was a group fitness class.

Our hotel had an attached body wellness center where you could take physical training classes with a certified fitness expert. The girls and I all wanted to try a fitness class. Just about all the girls complained of being sore afterwards. They hated how sweaty they got and how intense the class was. I work out every single day. I either go for runs, bike rides, or do my own thing at home. The group fitness class wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. Since I stretch everyday, the yoga poses were not difficult for me. I do a lot of crunches, so tuck jumps were not all that hard. The personal trainer had us all jump rope for a solid five minutes. All the other girls quit within a minute. I was able to do the whole session and feel good about myself. The rest of the trip the girls avoided working out and just hung out by the hotel pool. I went back everyday to work with a fitness expert. I even took down the name of the company he works for. Now that I am back home I have been looking for a core progression near me. Those gyms apparently have the best of the best fitness experts and all sorts of group fitness classes. I liked how intense the class was and how professional the fitness expert was. I plan to try out their group fitness classes.

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