I recently started buying HEPA quality filters for my air conditioner

It’s not easy getting through life with chronic asthma problems. I had to carry an inhaler with me at all times as a child when all I wanted to do was run around and play sports with my friends. Even with the inhaler, I was severely limited due to my reduced lung capacity. I couldn’t play competitive sports in either little league or in junior high, something that upset me greatly at the time. When I got to high school, I turned my focus to academics so I could better prepare for college. To this day, I still have to carry an inhaler wherever I go, but I rarely use it. If I get a cold or come down with the flu, I typically struggle with my lungs more than an average person. It’s in those situations that I use my inhaler for better breathing. At home I use the best air conditioner filters that I could find so I can keep dust, pollen, mold, and viral particles out of my indoor air. I use these special HEPA filters that pull out 99% of all airborne particulate. Inevitably airborne contaminants get inside my house whenever I enter from outside, or if I open a window for a few hours to get more air. With the new HEPA filters, I feel like I struggle with my lungs a lot less, even when I get sick from seasonal illnesses. These HEPA rated air conditioner filters aren’t cheap either. Mine cost $18 a piece and I replace mine once a month. That’s a significant amount of money going to just new air conditioner filters every month. If it keeps me from getting sicker, then it’s money well spent in my mind.


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