We’re really not cancelling our Thanksgiving holiday

When I heard particular officials talking about cancelling Thanksgiving along with several other holidays, I was done! Both of us basically cancelled our whole Summer thanks to this pandemic, as well as really after seeing the numbers, I recognize that as long as you are not old in age, you are relatively safe from this thing! Both of us are regularly careful, both of us wear the masks when we’re around people as well as both of us keep our distance from others, as well as none of us have gotten sick; It’s absolutely because I invested in HEPA air filters as well as a nice UV air cleaner, but that’s likely the reason why both of us haven’t gotten sick, however both of us also make sure to get as much sunshine as possible as well as both of us take our vitamins to keep our immune systems healthy.

It’s all entirely regular sense, or at least you would guess so, however so this year, there’s no way that both of us are cancelling Thanksgiving.

This is such an important holiday to me. If other people want to cancel their Thanksgivings, by all means, that’s your prerogative. But I suppose that with our powerful UV air purification plan as well as HEPA air filters, both of us are going to be just fine. I also make sure to sanitize everything in our condo officially, so these germs sit no chance against me! I guess just to be extra cautious, I will option up some more UV air cleaners to set around the kitchen as well as the living room, just to make sure any germs are killed as well as not spread around for our large feast. There’s just no way in the world I will cancel 1 of the most important holidays for our family.

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