Holding off starting the oil furnace

It’s the middle of September plus we’ve enjoyed an exceptionally mild fall.

We’ve had purple skies plus sunshine with entirely little rain.

Until just recently, the temperature was climbing into the sixties every afternoon. I enjoyed opening the windows plus welcoming in a fresh breeze. However, the temperatures have now begun to cool off. It gets downright frigid at night plus takes longer plus longer to moderate up during the afternoon. The wind is especially cold plus it rains nearly every evening. We are keeping the windows shut tight at this point. By the time our family heads to bed at night, the house has entirely cooled off. When all of us get up in the morning, it’s super frigid plus uncomfortable, however my kids keep begging to turn up the control unit. They want to have the oil furnace running plus moderate up the house. I keep holding off, hoping to save a bit of money on utility bills. I know that as soon as I start the oil furnace, it will operate non stop until Springtime. We’ll be relying on the furnace for the next more than five weeks. The house will become super dry plus stuffy. We’ll have frizzy hair, chapped lips, dry skin plus deal with static cling. I’ve finally scheduled a professional service call for the oil furnace because I know that increasing the control unit is inevitable. The last thing I want to face is the expense plus disruption of a oil furnace malfunction because I failed to take official care of it. I’m still hoping to make it into September before I run the oil furnace for the first time.


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