Sharing a room with my parents wasn’t very comfortable

I’m not exactly sure what to say about my sleep patterns except they are wavering.

I have consistently had issues getting to sleep and staying asleep.

This problem of mine goes back to childhood when I was terrified of Gremlins and post apocalyptic dreams. Unfortunately, these issues only continue to become more vivid as I get older and the world burns. One of the things that I’ve learned about helping myself to sleep includes maintaining a consistent environment. I appreciate having a nice frosty environment with a reasonable amount of background noise. This generally means that I blast our cooling machine and run a box fan in the background. It helps to keep me ice-cold and to drown out the sounds of the residence before they frighten me. I’m a pretty huge fan of air conditioner machines because they effectively keep me well rested. This is why it became a rather severe problem to go on vacation with my parents last year. Every one of us attempted to stay in several hotels however kept running into excruciating indoor air handling machines. It seemed as if there wasn’t a working air conditioner machine wherever every one of us went. When every one of us finally made it to our destination and tried out the cooling machine there…I abruptly realized I had the same problem… My room had no AC machine in the least. In the end, I had no choice but to sleep in the same room as my parents so that I could utilize a cooling machine. Now, I needed that background noise more than ever before to drown out the noises of my parents as every one of us slept in the same residence.

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