Don’t just talk, act!

My sister is one of those people who always say they are going to do something and then never follow through.

Although I love my sister, I hate people like this! As a matter of fact, my wife got divorced from her original husband because of this very fact.

He was more or less a flake and never would follow through with a darn thing he said he was going to do which eventually lead to financial problems in the household. He was a real loser. But my sister is not a loser, just lazy! She keeps talking about how she is going to get a brand new central heating and air conditioning system and then never does. It really gets ultra annoying to tell you the truth. Then she will sit there and complain how her current central heating and air conditioning system is so out of date and works bad, and how she needs an up to date central heating and air conditioning system. I have been hearing this banter from her for the last year and I am tired of it! When I ask her why she hasn’t acted on it yet, she always says “oh I am, i’m calling the heating and air conditioning company next week”, but she never does! It’s like an endless loop. I told my sister I don’t wish to hear anymore about her hating her central heating and air conditioning system and how out of date it is unless she is actually going to follow through and finally do something about it!


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