These kids are killing me; hiring HVAC techs

When I decided to open my own business I thought that the most difficult part would be managing the books and the finances.

I have never been the type of person who is extremely concerned with numbers or comfortable with keeping detailed records.

Honestly, I am good at working with my hands and thinking mechanically. I am definitely not an accountant by trade nor do I have any interest in playing with numbers all day. That being said, I also never considered the complication of trying to manage human beings before. It turns out, keeping a fleet of supposed professional heating, cooling, and ventilation technicians on task is a lot more difficult than managing the books. When I was first opening my air quality control dealership I truly thought that I was hiring top notch heating, cooling, and ventilation professionals from the local trade school. I would get to the most recent HVAC certification graduates as soon as they’d obtained their heating and cooling degree. I made sure to hire the HVAC technicians who had the best test scores in the heating and cooling repair program. However, they don’t test their heating and cooling technicians for real world problem solving or professional skills. To this day, I spend more time chasing around my HVAC technicians then I spend on the financial aspects of the company. If my heating and cooling technicians aren’t arriving at the HVAC dealership plates, they are getting into fights with other air quality control specialists. If they aren’t pissing off my regular customers with rude comments about their HVAC systems, they’re crashing my HVAC work trucks. When I became an HVAC dealership owner I didn’t know I would also require a horde of teenagers.

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