The pets have it better than I do

For a summer job, I have decided to become a maid for my rich neighbors.

All I have to do is come into their home and do basic cleaning, like window washing and vacuuming their huge house.

One of my other tasks involves feeding their pets. They had 2 cats and 1 dog. I already knew that my neighbors were really well off, but after going into their house and caring for their pets, I realized how wealthy they really were. I was shocked when I saw the custom made, two story air conditioned dog house that their dog has. And their two cats have diamond collars and their own custom made A/C houses. Their pets have it better than I do! At my house, our A/C unit is currently broken and I have to deal with all of the excess heat that comes with it. Don’t even get me started on how nice their house looked and felt. It has one of the massive staircases that led up to I’m sure at least 4 bedrooms, it also had columns on the outside and just looked incredible. It also felt great in their home. They must have the best heating and cooling, because breathing in the air in their home was just so refreshing. I know very little about HVAC technology, but I know good quality when I see it, and the stuff they had is definitely top notch. I was always excited and envious to come over to their place. Being in their home felt great, knowing that I could never afford luxuries like this was not.

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