Lately, things have been going my way

I wouldn’t say that I am always lucky when it comes to things, but lately things have been really going my way. When the A/C in my car wasn’t working, I saw an advertisement saying they were repairing climate control systems in cars for 50% off. I was quick to get my A/C system fixed and I didn’t even have to pay that much money! Now the air conditioning in my car is ice-cold! When I was having trouble with my A/C system in my house, I got a coupon in the mail that provided 25% off on all HVAC services. So I was able to get the A/C system worked on, and even had a few parts replaced. Everything is working like new and my energy bills have gone down because of the HVAC repairs. I am so lucky to have things going my way. More recently, I got some coupons in the mail to have a heating system tune-up for 50% off! I know that I’m going to take advantage of that offer soon because I want to be ready with my heating system for the winter season. While I’m on this luck streak in my life, I’m actually thinking about going to play the lottery to see if I can win big! You never know right! If I do win big on the lottery, I would probably buy a really fancy car. I would want one of those cars that has air conditioning in the seats and gets great gas mileage. I might even invest in radiant heated floors if I were to win the lottery!

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