Always keep snacks in the Heating & A/C truck

When I was growing up my family consistently told me that I should try to be prepared for anything in life. My Mom was a real stickler for planning ahead & bringing any resources you could possibly need. He consistently carried around a backpack of crucial provisions anywhere that he went. When I was a kid I thought he was a bit extreme. I can admit, I didn’t take my family’s advice really seriously for most of my young life, and now that I am a real adult I really think differently about this crucial lesson. That’s why I consistently leave for my heating, cooling, & ventilation maintenance job with a well-stocked Heating & A/C maintenance truck. I l earned a long time ago that you don’t want to leave the heating & cooling dealership for the day without all of the supplies you might need. I have been burned so several times – literally – & had no medical supplies to take care of my furnace scar. I have come down with terrible headaches & found myself without any ibuprofen in the middle of a long central heating & cooling upgrade.. Worst of all, I have had several afternoons when my routine heating & cooling maintenance services have become full-blown maintenance marathons… On those afternoons I have gone without any food or water because I didn’t have any snacks with me when I got into the Heating & A/C truck. There is really nothing worse than having a growling stomach the entire time you try to diagnose a broken a/c device or boiler system. Let alone trying to talk to the Heating & A/C owners while your blood sugar drops. To this day, I consistently keep a secret stash of snacks in my Heating & A/C truck.

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